About Us.

For too long, patients & caregivers have been an afterthought in the healthcare ecosystem, feeling disenfranchised and under-valued.

It’s time for change.
It’s time to optimise trust and healthcare outcomes.
It’s time to humanise health.

A (r)evolution in health.

We’re passionate believers in a humanised approach to healthcare – because it’s not just good for people, it’s also good for business. We also understand that in order to create change, we must shift conversations and perspectives. And that starts with evolving thinking.

So, we develop strategies that remove institutional barriers to change, engage real patients, consumers and carers… harnessing their lived experience to create a better healthcare landscape for everyone.

And while we focus on delivering powerful projects with impact, we do more than that – we transform businesses to harness the power of putting people first.

A human-based approach.

We support businesses to address and prioritise the needs of consumers, patients and carers

  • We work alongside businesses who want to engage lived experience using best practice strategies
  • We seek out clients who genuinely want to collaborate for change driven outcomes
  • We listen to uncomfortable truths and real-world evidence in order to shift perspectives and create solutions for our clients

At Humanise Health we connect real, raw and authentic patient, carer and consumer experiences to your business and vision.

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A world of good.
Our vision and values.

Our values, ethics and actions hold us accountable. Together we will drive towards a future where we continually challenge the status quo.

We work with companies who prioritise people

We respect the lived experiences of humans by viewing them as the experts of their own health and story. We share their experiences respectfully, ethically and with an intention to create meaningful change.

We’re for Empowerment

Navigating the healthcare system can be dehumanising; we make it more personal by listening to and empowering patients, consumers and carers, while involving our clients in this important collaborative conversation.

We’re distinctive and help you be unique

We know that the same approach creates the same result, so we’re not afraid to take the path less travelled to ensure a greater outcome.

We’re compassionate

We are an agency and team that chooses compassion. Our team is built upon the foundations of personal lived experience and that ensures we always lead with empathy and purpose.

We’re action-orientated

We take measured, pragmatic action, informed by harnessing consumer knowledge and collaborative strategic thinking.