At Humanise Health, we make health personal.

We’re a patient-led & advocacy agency working with leading businesses in the health sector who make it their purpose to positively impact lives.

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About Us
A (r)evolution in health.

We’re passionate believers in a humanised design and approach to healthcare. Because it’s not just good for people, it’s also good for business. We understand in order to be a part of change, we must shift conversations and that starts with evolving thinking.

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We’ll help you do better.

Real insights from patients and caregivers are imperative to developing meaningful strategies, engagement plans and advocacy initiatives.

We work alongside our clients to collect, understand and harness this knowledge. While developing future driven solutions to put people at the heart of their business.

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We ideate, create and develop projects that help our clients better engage with patients, caregivers and their ecosystems – because they are no longer complacent in their decision-making. They are becoming a powerful voice in the healthcare landscape.

We’ll help you to amplify consumer wants and activate a patient-led approach.

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We advocate for change.

We engage patients and caregivers within your business.

We work with your internal teams to develop solution-based strategies, build your internal capacity and provide support through our unique humanised lens. This means we can collectively advocate for change-driven outcomes for patients and their support systems. It’s a unique proposition, but one we know works time and time again.

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A world of good.
The human (r)evolution.